July 27, 2011

Autocorrect Woes

Autocorrect blows. Like hard-core parkour blows. I'm not used to using an iPhone (or any device with an autocorrect function, for that matter), so while the Dinosaur was in the shop I had a bit of difficulty using the family iPad for all that completely necessary trolling and whatnot. One minute I would be innocently typing out a completely innocuous message to a friend, and the next minute the page would be filled with incoherent streams of unrelated nouns, expletives, innuendos, and general garbage assortments of letters.

Let's just say there was a lot of raging going on on my end.

I mean, autocorrect has some reeeeeeeally weird stuff in its databanks. There is an entire website devoted to allowing disgruntled (and often embarrassed) users to send in screenshots of the incredibly awkward and random autocorrects that slip through, causing innumerable misunderstandings and awkward moments.

However, you cannot imagine my excitement (and autocorrect's unending redemption) when I accidentally misspelled "ages" as "agrs" and it autocorrected to "gars."

Save Our Seeker.

Why wouldn't you want to save this?

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