July 31, 2011

The Dinosaur: Part V

The Dinosaur has been fixed again!

Tonight, after I got home from an afternoon of Catan (oh my goodness, I've missed that game) I decided it was time to give fixing my audio problems another shot. By this point, the Dinosaur had started randomly beeping whenever it darn well pleased. While each been was something that made me incredibly excited and hopeful, I quickly realized that the beeping was not significant of a fix and really just the Dinosaur's way of continuing my torment and anguish by giving me hope. The monster. I don't know why it hates me so. I tried troubleshooting, I tried online tech support, I tried desperate searches through the bowels of the Internet for any sort of guidance.

After all this, I figured out that none of the drivers I had downloaded had taken or installed properly. My computer was convinced that the sound card didn't exist, and I couldn't do a darn thing to convince it otherwise. I resorted to a lot of key-mashing and raging. After a few hours of this, I had to call in the big guns - a former Geek Squad employee, to be specific - but in the end it was worth it. Since I already knew what was wrong with the Dinosaur, he was able to quickly fix the problem AND THEN SOME. Now my screen resolution is crisp again, my sound works, my touchpad works, and the Dinosaur as a whole is a lot happier.

Once the Dinosaur was working again, I logged onto Skype. My account worked just fine (HURRAH!) but about20 minutes in my power cord started acting funny.

Then it died.

Technology hates me.

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