August 8, 2011

Today was Monday, right?

I'm really not sure is why. The days all kind of blur together. Welcome to summer.

Although summer really is almost over. I have class starting next week, and senior year begins two weeks from today. Oh my gracious. The most depressing part of the day was when my four AP lit books finally showed up in the mail. I really do need to get on those - I've only managed to procrastinate for the last eight weeks.

Weirdest part of today? Senior pictures. I was totally kosher with the idea of taking my senior yearbook photo (my last ever, as crazy as that feels - almost as fantastically crazy as the idea of never having to ever do state testing, oh happy day), but when I put on the cap and gown and looked myself in the mirror I almost passed out.

It was sooooooo bloody weird.

Words can't even describe. At this point, I'm just going to not think about it. When the pictures come in, I'll probably go through the same shock all over again, but I'll blow up that bridge when I come to it.

Also, my best friend has pink eye. She is under quarantine for a while, and although She is getting better quickly, I'm kind of concerned about her mental health, given what she told me on Skype today. "To be honest, you're the only person who has told me I should be on quarantine, but you're like a doctor so that's good enough for me."

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