July 29, 2011

Soundtrack to Summer: The Sequel

Yeah, I know, I already did one of these. Whatever. Deal with it. I could justify this as being the B-side to my first post, but in reality I just felt it necessary to update this since I’m not actually listening much to the music on the first soundtrack. This is mostly because I went to my public library a few days ago and sat on the floor (something I do regularly and in most places) in front of the stack of CDs. Before I realized what had happened I had 14 CDs in my hands (okay, I’m not that coordinated – they were toppling over in my arms and making quite a mess – but I got them to my car in one piece, and that is the point) and another 26 on order.

You see, I have this pesky thing called a conscience. It keeps me from illegally downloading anything. Yes, I recognize how fantasmagical torrenting is. Yes, I wish I could use it. But I can’t because I would feel dirty and awful. You don’t know how many hoops I’ve had to jump through to fabricate the mental justification I need to handle the fact that the version of Windows XP downloaded on the Dinosaur is pirated. My techie friend even went to extra effort to hide it from me, but to no avail. (Of course, the Pirates of the Caribbean logo with “Windows XP Pirated” written underneath it as the default background made things a bit obvious. Though I’m not going to lie, being able to adjust my settings so that my computer looks like it’s running Windows 7 is kind of cool, even though it’s making the Dinosaur feel much cooler than it actually is, especially given that it’s decided it no longer has speakers. Um, yes it does. I beg to differ. But I digress – this parenthetical has gotten to be far too long.)

So basically I have to get all of my music through legal mediums. It takes longer, but the moral satisfaction is worth it. Ripping music off CDs from the public library may fall on the shady side of things, but it’s still legal.

So here goes:

  1. “Sun of a Gun” – Oh Land
  2. “Not Fair” – Lily Allen (I’m going to be honest, there is another song on her album “It’s Not Me, It’s You” that I’m more obsessed with, but my parents would have a big of a qualm with me posting it on my blog given the profane nature of the song’s name. BUT IT’S SO FUNNY LULZ.)
  3. “12 Fingers” – Young the Giant
  4. “You Should Learn” – We are Scientists
  5. “Doctor” – Cute is What We Aim For
  6. “Hysteric” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  7. “Night of the Hunter” – 30 Seconds to Mars
  8. “Far Far” – Yael Naim
  9. “Headlong into the Abyss” – We are Augustines
  10. “Basket Case” – Sara Bareilles
  11. “This Too Shall Pass” – OK Go
  12. “Second Go” – Lights
  13. “Battery Kinzie” – Fleet Foxes
  14. “Rumor Has It” – Adele
  15. “Eet” – Regina Spektor
  16. “Something Good Can Work” – Two Door Cinema Club

Hopefully someone will enjoy this. Ah, the self-indulgence that is blogging.

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