June 24, 2011

The 20 Stages of Packing

Step 1: Become insanely excited for upcoming trip/adventure/quest.
Step 2: Start to think over every possible item that could be needed on said trip/adventure/quest, making sure to plan for the oh-so likely event of a flood, fire, zombie apocalypse, or other natural disaster.
Step 3: Begin packing, taking care to fold each article of clothing nicely.
Step 4: Spend two hours distracted on Facebook.
Step 5: Realize that the upcoming trip/adventure/quest is actually a lot closer than was expected.
Step 6: Panic that you will forget something important.
Step 7: Fly around the house frantically looking for whatever you know you’ll need in frenzied alarm.
Step 8: Realize that it is all pointless.
Step 9: Stop caring.
Step 10: Apathy.
Step 11: Shove whatever random crap you find on the floor of your room/bottom of your closet/back of your drawer into the suitcase/duffel bag at random
Step 12: Sit and/or stand on suitcase/duffel in a vain effort to make everything fit because it totally will.
Step 13: Come to terms with the fact that it will not actually fit in the aforementioned suitcase/duffel.
Step 14: Rage.
Step 15: Carefully consider the odds/weather forecast/crystal ball and pull out whatever bulky article of clothing/item you think you can live without. (Note: this item will be the one you need most on your upcoming trip/adventure/quest)
Step 16: Use impressive feats of strength and/or nuclear weaponry to finally zip said suitcase/duffel closed
Step 17: Realize that something has indeed been forgotten. Either carry said item awkwardly around or attempt to shove it into your carry-on.
Step 18: Begin trip/adventure/quest.
Step 19: Realize that you forgot your toothbrush.
Step 20: Scream to the heavens.

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  1. i lovee it! :D
    EXACTLY what i did when packing for girlsstate!