June 16, 2011

I might be socially awkward.

My best friend and I went on a school trip to Disneyland over spring break. After the guys we were supposed to traipse around the park with ditched us because we would “only slow [them] down” she and I decided that rather than wait in crowded lines for hours at a time we would just frolic around the park for the day. We got on every ride we wanted to go on (never waiting more than 20 minutes in the process – what swag), ate tons of good food, and ended up sitting for an hour in the lobby of the Animation Studios at California Adventures watching classic Disney clips on the giant screens. One of the highlights of my day was when we went to the Animation Academy and I managed to draw Piglet – and it ACTUALLY LOOKED LIKE PIGLET. (And you call me artistically challenged? HA!)

However, at one point we went to the Imagineering building (right above the Carousel of Progress and smack dab between Autopia and Space Mountain, in case you were wondering) and started to just mess around with the gadgetry and toys and whatnot. We walked into the “Home of the Future” exhibit, where the floor rotates, but only part like a ring sort of thing. So there’s this outer ring of floor that doesn’t move and the whole inside circle part does move around – or maybe it’s the reverse and the outside ring doesn’t move but the inside  does – and you can’t tell while you’re inside but when you see the seam the two pieces move independently and –

This isn’t making any sense. Either you know exactly what I’m talking about because you have been there or you don’t. If you fall into the latter category then picture this: the floor moves funny and Kait is easily entertained (and highly uncoordinated). That’s the big picture here.

You’re with me?

The scene of the spaz.

So only these two random people, my friend, and I are in the room, and I am playing with the funny half-moving floor. As I’m doing the splits on the moving floor this happens:

Random Male Person to me: [laughs in a flirtatious manner] That floor is fun to play with, isn’t it?
Me: [continues to play with floor obliviously]
                                                            [a few seconds pass]
Random Male Person: [looks awkward] Or not….
Random Female Person: [laughs] Let’s go
Friend: Excuse me, I’m sorry, my friend has issues with social awkwardness
            [Random Male Person and Random Female Person exit stage front-to-the-other-exhibit]
Friend: Kait! You are such a spaz! That guy was talking to you!
Me: [looks up] Wait, what?? He was talking to me?? Oh crap!

The story ends with me running after the guy trying to convince him that I’m not a frigid *@#$& ignoring his untoward but flattering advances - I’m just oblivious and lame - but the ship had sailed.

So, in other words, I had to go out of my way to avoid Random Male Person and Random Female Person in Disneyland the entirety of the rest of the trip.

I’m awkward.

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