June 17, 2011


Do you have the time?
Time’s running out
This time
Every time
Be there in time
It’s about time
Time to get a watch
Watch the time
Time after time
Save time
Kill time
Only time will tell
One more time
Time to grow up
Time change
Time for a change
Time heals all wounds
Time ticks
Time tocks
Time drags
Time crawls slowly
Time flies by
By the time you’re ready
Give me some time
Take your time
In the nick of time
Time to waste
A waste of time
Time to go back
Turning back the hands of time
Time to wait
Time to spare
Time on your hands
Time slipping through your fingertips
What I would do for more time
Make the time
Take some time
Not enough time
Time to start over

God I would feel beast if I owned this.

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