June 5, 2011

I'm the Normal One

Somehow the topic of  the ubercool game “Settlers of Cataan” came up at a party. The conversation that ensued went something like this.

Me: I want to play Settlers. Who has a board?
Friend: I don’t want to play Settlers with you. You cheat.
Me: But we could have an alliance! We could dominate Cataan!
Friend: Why would I ally with you?
Me: Well I would have a 1:3 Mystery Port. That could come in handy.
Friend: So? I have a ton of sheep and a 2:1 Sheep Port. That’s way better.
Me: You misheard me. I have a 1:3 Mystery Port. 1 of whatever you have for 3 of whatever you want.
Friend: What kind of Settlers board are you playing with? I don’t think that exists.
Me: I also have longest road. And largest army. And an extra mystery port.
Friend: I don’t want to play anymore.
Me: Only because you’re losing.
Friend: No, because your imaginary board is rigged.
Me: *sticks tongue out*

I have cool friends.

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  1. you are cool friend to have :)