June 19, 2011

Can you actually call dibs on being right? Because that could really come in handy....

My friend and I get into random arguments like this all the time. And when I say that I don't mean "on occasion." I don't mean "every once in a while." I don't mean "once in a blue moon." I don't mean "when the mood strikes." I mean all the time. It starts with something stupid like me saying, "You're the best." She will then one-up me with, "You're the best times infinity." And I will continue with, "You're the best times ten to the infinite power." And so on and so forth. Then it will devolve into us childish arguing over who is right and who is wrong (picture the two kids from Emperor's New Groove only I'm the fat little boy).

But this time, she pulled what I think is an illegal move, or at least a yellow card or something because otherwise that is an unfair advantage. Mostly because I didn't know you could do that.

Bree: Dibs on being right!
Me: You can’t call dibs on that! 
Bree: I can though!
Me: Nuh-uh!
Bree: Yes-huh!
Me: …… cotton-headed ninnymuggins.
Bree: You’re a corttonheaded nimbymuggins!

Apparently arguments with my friends end in textual speech impediments. It must be my rapier wit or dazzling rhetoric or something. Dang I'm good.

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