October 29, 2011

Adventures in being a lazy bum

Obviously I'm not going to college. Today I can honestly say I did not do an ounce of college work. Which was horribly depressing and utterly lovely. There were a lot of things I should have done today, but instead I watched "Footloose" (for the first time, and the entire time I was watching it I kept calling the reverend Don Quixote) and ate ice cream and did other such highly unproductive things. It was great.

I also watched "Battle: LA" and remembered why exactly I don't like alien apocalypse movies. First, this was basically "Independence Day" plus a couple years minus cigars and Jeff Goldblum hilarity. Also, I get awfully frustrated at how Hollywood DOES NOT UNDERSTAND SCIENCE.

1) If we were to be invaded by aliens, they would look nothing like us. They would not have similar anatomy. They would not speak a language we understand. They would not be anthropomorphic humanoids with electrical exoskeletons. GET OVER IT.

2) If aliens found us first, we would be screwed. The end. They would be lightyears ahead of us in technology and weaponry. This is when we give up and try to make friends.


I might read too many Cracked articles. Just maybe.

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