October 19, 2011

What is Merg?

I've had a lot of people ask me over the last few days what "merg" is. In yesterday's post, I used the word...a lot. Shut up. And as a result, the number of questions as to what "merg" is has dramatically increased. So, I thought I would enlighten you all (mostly so I won't have to answer further inquiries on the matter, because I'm lazy and stuff).

Merg is a noise. Say it out loud. "Merg." Say it louder. "MERG." With feeling! "MERG!!!!!!!!!!"

There we go.

Merg is the noise I make when I'm frustrated. Or irritated. Or tired. Or angry. Or meh. Or whatever. The beauty of merg is that it is completely elastic, and can be made to fit many a context. It's highly comparable to the much more well-known "asdf" or general keysmash "sddvisrnuaehyuifassejknsjkasnuweruianusahneyubrenui." (Actual keysmash may vary).

Because this definition of merg leaves something to be desired, I drew a picture.

I would like to introduce the two of you. This is Merg. I'm not an artist, I know. But this drawing should give you a better idea of what exactly Merg is. I like Merg. He and I spend a lot of time together. Because I was feeling artsy (and I just found out that Raptor + my not-old printer = scanning that takes all of two seconds), I drew some of Merg's friends too.

This is Angry Merg.

This is Happy Merg. Note the butterfly, rainbow, and glitter. This is how you can identify Happy Merg.

This is Confused Merg. Imagine the confused Scooby-Doo face. There you go, you've got it now.

This is College Application Merg. Note the sword, extra-large incisors, and general thirst for College Board blood. I will probably draw more versions of Merg in the future, so don't think you've seen the end of Merg. Hide yo kids. Hide yo wife. And hide yo husbands too. Because Merg be findin' ERRBODY up in here.


  1. That is quite possibly the most adorable creature I have laid my eyes upon.

  2. Which one is Nightmare Merg? Oh, right--ALL OF THEM!