October 17, 2011

Movin' through Museday

So I was totally going to write a crazy long post tonight with actual substance and merit and stuffs, but then

1) I had work and
2) I got really hyper during closing. Now, most people would think that this would make me more proactive and likely to do blog-y sorts of things, but in reality it just made me really unproductive so that
3) when I came home from work I made soup seeing as
4) I was crazy hungry and
5) I needed my fix of crushed ice. And while I was eating my soup and crunching my ice
6) I checked tumblr, which took like an hour seeing as certain people have nothing better to do than reblog EVERY SINGLE THING ON THEIR DASHBOARD. Then
7) I fell into food coma and
8) I realized that I had no real desire to post a real ... well ... post.
9) And my shame at how redundant that was caused me to lose all faith in my ability to write something worth publishing to the vastness of the interwebs because
10) holy crap I'm tired.


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