October 14, 2011

Dear Xfinity TV online,
Thanks to you, I am currently watching Tangled on my laptop. I -- I think I love you.
Love, me.

First, my best friend is finally back from college for the weekend. And I am excited beyond belief. I have missed her like crazy.

Second, I think I might be addicted to eating ice. It's not healthy, I don't think.

Third, tonight I worked at an elementary school haunted house. I was picked to be a demented clown with another of my classmates, and when they said "clown makeup," they weren't kidding. We had the whole shebang - facepaint an inch thick all over. Pics on facebook.

Working the carnival was crazy fun. We only made a dozen or so kids cry (more like twenty, but who's counting?) over a four hour period.  Other than the obnoxious boys who decided that it was hilarious to prove they were too cool to be scared by our creepy clownish antics (and the teenager who got "freaked out" and proceeded to barrel through the room, destroying a good number of our props in the process), the kids all seemed to have a great time with it. Knowing the names of a few of the kids was really helpful, too. (Sorry, Danielle and Cameron!) Also, our "gorilla" would chase the little kids saying "om nom nom." Twas great.

However, one kid stood out as my favorite by far. He and his friends were taking a long time and dawdling through the room, so it was my job to nudge them in the right direction toward the exit. I bumped the kid, who was about 9, by accident, and he responded by saying, "Hey, don't touch me -- I have life insurance!"

Favorite. Kid. Ever.

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