October 16, 2011

Lazy Sunday

This is the way my life goes every Sunday.

11 AM: *Turns on laptop with a cheery grin* "All right, here I am, ready to face the day! I have a lot to do and a whole day to get it done. Homework time it is!

12 NOON: "Dude, I did like a whole math problem. Time to reward myself with lunch. Jolly good!"

1 PM: *after finishing lunch* "Homework is frustrating. And hard. I know, I will productively procrastinate for a half hour or so by working on college stuff. Maybe I will actually write those application essays I have been putting off for the last three weeks. Then I will feel better about myself and go back to finishing all of that homework and I will still be able to sleep at a decent hour."

2 PM: "Essays are hard. I don't like them. I will instead do all of the clicking and scrolling necessary to fill out all of the personal information for each application."

4 PM: "There isn't anything else to click or select... My choice is to do essays or homework..."


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