October 11, 2011

Do ALL the homeworks?

Sometimes when I try to do homework (like, say, my econ objectives or lit prompts) I get distracted and open tumblr on my phone "just for two minutes" as a completely undeserved reward for "productivity."

Then, tumblr won't load and I decide that it's the Universe's way of telling me to do homework instead.

Then I can't find my pen before the page loads and I decide that it's the Universe's way of saying, " Lol, jk dawg, procrastinate away."

Then I am happy.

Then I decide to blog about it because, hey, the Universe already cleared me to kill time.

Then Blogger refuses to upload my post and I spend ten minutes fighting it and the Universe.

Then I give up and go back to my homework.

And the Universe's pro-academic agenda strikes again.

She is a tricky little devil, that Universe.