November 14, 2011

Just Another Manic Museday

Tumblr. makes me forget that I have a real blog. With like words and stuff. And I have to think of the words myself, because I can't just click "reblog" here and do a little happy dance for being productive and contributing to the interwebs. Which is honestly why I love blogspot...except when I'm tired.

I found out today that I am working the entire afternoon of Black Friday. Some people would be disappointed or intimidated at the thought of how obscene things will be. I am excited to be in the middle of the crazies for a few hours. I'm sure I shall emerge from my shift with a dozen or so fantasmagical stories. It shall be interesting!

I made a graph for you guys.

Isn't it pretty? I worked really hard on it. Just because I love you guys.

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