November 20, 2011

Misadventures in Studying

So, y'all know that I'm a total party animal, right?

Shut up. Your laughter is unappreciated here. Go away.

Tonight, I had nothing to do after Mock Trial practice ended. I really had no desire to go home because I know that, invariably, if I did I would just end up sitting on the couch, scrolling through tumblr. until midnight or so. Seeing as I actually DID (and do) have an obscene amount of homework to do, outside of the applications and directs and crosses and pretrial arguments and sponsor calls and research and everything else, I decided to grab some sushi before hitting Starbucks for a few hours to see about knocking out a few math assignments.

When I got to the big Starbucks on my side of town, I realized that there were about forty bajillion people in the store and zero open tables. I ended up chilling on one of the soft, big chairs without even a coffee table, trying to solve for absolute extrema while being absolutely uncomfortable. After a half hour or so (during which time I think I finished a whopping two problems), a table opened up, and I jumped on it.

Two minutes later, the drunk crew showed up. And took the table right next to mine. And because there were more of them than space available, they moved their table a grand four inches away from mine.

And there went my productivity.

Drunk people are funny. Drunk people are easily impressed. Drunk people have difficulty saying "three-dimensional calculus."

#my life is pathetic

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