November 28, 2011

Today was a quote-worthy day

Mother: "I hate that book! It pretends to be a perfect society, but it's not!"
Me: "Yeah, it's a dystopian novel, that's kind of the point."
Mother: "I know, but it pretends to be utopian, but it's really wrong and horrible!"
Me: "...That's like the definition of the word 'dystopian.'"

Choir Freshman: "You can be dead AND engaged."
Um, dear, I think that's illegal.... #necrophilia

Student Teacher: "Sing with good tone and quality - you're not Justin Bieber, thank God."
Yes, thank God indeed.

In other news, my new desktop background and phone background beats yours.

No need to comment on how many bloody icons I have on my desktop. College apps. #seniorgirlproblems


  1. Wow that's a lot of icons.

  2. damn you have a lot of icons

  3. look at those icons ;)

  4. this is bad. your desktop needs to be like mine

  5. or mine