November 4, 2011

This is my idea

I watched Black Swan for the first time today. I was really disturbed for about 99.9999999% of the movie - as someone with mild tendencies to OCD, the entire premise is scary as anything - and had to straight up leave the room multiple times because I couldn't handle it. I honestly wanted to vomit for a good two or three hours after the credits began to roll. I can't even tell you whether or not the film was good - give me a few days and I might be able to give you a more coherent review.

As a way of negating the horribly cringe-worthy pain that Black Swan caused me, I'm now watching The Swan Princess. (This is my idea of fun!) SUCH A GOOD MOVIE.

So, with the end of this last school week, a few announcements:

1) For whoever asked, my tumblr. url is (<--- clickable link, in case you couldn't figure that out on your own). Tumblr. is fun. Don't judge.

2) It's officially winter. My curls have gone haywire. At this point, my flat iron is pretty much going to be shoved under my mattress since it won't be of any use until at least April.

3) I am highly ashamed of my parents. My father asked me to youtube something, and being the loving and devoted daughter I am...I rickrolled them.

And my father said, "Oh, I love this song."

Worst. Response. To. A. Rickroll. Ever.

I am ashamed to share their genes right now.

1 comment:

  1. Disturbing movie. (Black Swan, not Swan Princess). Suffice it to say there were parts of it that I watched with my eyes closed. Yes, I said WATCHED with my eyes CLOSED. That is my coping mechanism for horrific visual overload. Still, despite all that, I fall on the side of the fence that proclaims it a very, very good movie--powerful, thought-provoking, layered. Clearly not everyone's cup of tea, though.