November 17, 2011

Wooooo Advertisements

Yet another example of why people scare me.

I had just gotten off work and gone to my bedroom to go on tumblr and facebook and be generally unproductive do my AP Physics take home test, when my father summoned me to the downstairs TV to "see something appalling." (For the record, he TEXTED me from downstairs telling me this. And people say my generation is technology-dependent. Whipperschnappers.) Begrudgingly, I rose from my (fantastically comfortable) seated position and descended the stairs. Little did I know, this would be totally worth it.

The following advertisement was subsequently played:

My teachers learned me how to use words good.

In case you can't read that, the ad is imploring you to not receive "anther" call or use "yor" cell phone. Um, yeah. This is national television, guys....Spell-check is kind of a big deal. But hey, this looks important, right? Maybe it's a PSA about the brain virus you get from the tiny cell-phone aliens that nest in your ears when you spend too much time on the phone. Hey,  would want to know about that.

Do I really have to be here?

Then, this frame showed up. Ignoring the horrible syntax on the caption, I...what? What does that even mean? What is this an advertisement for?

Oh look, porn.

Yeah....I don't even know.

If I blink long enough, maybe the people with cameraphones
and Microsoft Powerpoint will go away.

Wait, that question actually does apply to me... I am hungry. Maybe this is important! Let's wait and see what else is on this list of questions that may or may not apply to my mundane life.

I'm vintage. It's ironic.
Ugh, never mind. You wouldn't understand.

Oh wait, what? That was numbered - why is there no list coming up? Why are we just looking at pictures of cell phones that I'm pretty sure are old enough to have Snake as the default game?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concluded the ad.

You get a secret prize if you can tell me what that was an advertisement for, because I sure as heck don't know. The comment bar is below. Y'all know what to do.

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