August 21, 2011

A few orders of business

First, I updated the Musical Stylings section. This song makes me incredibly smileful. Although the concept isn't super happy, the way Rachel Platten sings is nothing short of joyful and cheery. Her lyricism reminds me a lot of a Regina Spektor (love me some ReSpekt), while the melodic patterns and vocal quality are incredibly reminiscent of Lenka. If you don't know who either of those singers are, you're not welcome here.

Second, school starts tomorrow. This is unacceptable. Why? Because it feels like I've hardly been home all summer. Which is true, for the most part. Also, because I know girls from State who aren't starting until halfway through September. (Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, Jessicuh) Not fair.

Third, I'm obscenely excited for school. What, am I being a bit bipolar about this whole public education thing? Let me put it this way for you: I'M A SENIOR, YO. (No big deal or anything).

Fourth, my sister is leaving on Thursday for the sunny South. This is unacceptable.

I miss her already.

Fifth, it is becoming increasingly more evident how stupid it was of me to get bangs AFTER taking my senior pictures. Whatevz. This is my way of sticking it to the establishment. Effective rebellion, no?

Sixth, my brain is scrambled. I've read an obscene amount in the last three days (unless you're reading this, Mama Lutjens, in which case I totes read it all weeks ago) in addition to the mountains of calculus homework I've had to do.

Wish me luck.
Tomorrow starts my Great Adventure.

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  1. Yes, I am reading this! I'll go ahead and accept the fantasy that you read all your AP Lit stuff weeks ago : ) See ya tomorrow!