August 7, 2011

"The second star to the right, then straight on til morning"


I don't like that word very much. Usually because it is only used to describe things I should be doing, as opposed to whatever I am doing at the time, which is most often assigned to the category of "pointless time-wasters that seem really fun in the moment but actually are causing me to neglect and/or put off real responsibilities and will only lead to further stress and anguish and hair loss, something that a 17 year old girl should not have to deal with and okay I really don't have to deal with that but if I did it would be a real concern and a visible manifestation of my high stress levels which are not being helped by these pointless, procrastinatory activities."

Or something to that effect.

Problem is, these procrastinatory (a word that both Opera and Microsoft Word seem to feel, well, isn't - I'm just a trendsetter like that) activities make it hard to actually get anything done. Like my HS enrichment application for the JC. Or college applications. Or cleaning my room (which many of you know I have already done, contrary to my mother's beliefs). Or summer reading. 

I'm not ready to grow up just yet. It doesn't seem to be much fun. But more and more it's feeling like I'm being pushed into adulthood faster than I'd like. Responsibility has its drawbacks, and procrastinating is not helping matters at all. 

But I'm getting REALLY good at Fruit Slice.

(If you bothered to actually read this self-indulgent excuse for a post, I have a small parting gift as a thank-you for making me feel slightly less pathetic about myself. I hope you enjoy.) 

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