August 15, 2011

Who has two thumbs and is a college student?


I am officially enrolled at the local JC taking Math this semester, in addition to my regular high school schedule. However, after the second example on today's practice exercises I have reaffirmed my belief that I don't actually know calculus. At all.

Oh, this will be an adventure.

Today at freshman orientation I entertained myself by dancing like a loser every time "Super Bass" came on, raging at the mainstream music that was being played with my hipster friends, and freaking out as many freshmen is possible by engaging them in actual conversation. What audacity on my part. BUT I MADE FRIENDS :D

Oh goodness, that was officially the first emoticon I've used in my time blogging. I feel....gross. Let's never do that again. Much like High 6-ing. (Motility 5's are still acceptable.

Also, I love my mock trial team. Not only are they a smart, driven, dependable bunch, but they also laugh at my jokes.


Quote of the week: "Making out with guys is way better than singing hymns or tending to gardens or whatever the heck it is that nuns do."

My back to school checklist:
[x] Backpack
[x] Binders
[x] Parking pass
[x] Filler Paper
[x] New phone
[x] Jesus sandals
[x] Excitement
[x] Pure, unadulterated fear


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