August 24, 2011


Day 3 of senior year has come to a close.

This year is going to go by REALLY slowly if I continue to count things down like this day by day.

I can't much focus on posting right now. Because I'm, you know, busy and suchlike with, uh, homework, and --

Shut up. Okay, I have cookie-brownies downstairs waiting for me. And milk. And I'm hungry (like always). And, like, I did HOMEWORK today. OH! Better excuse! Two hours of physical therapy. There. Done. So get off my back, jerks.

I'll see y'all tomorrow.

(Parting thought:
Wow, Skype, way to judge me.

P.S. I love driving my family's SUV. Circumstances happened, and for today and tomorrow I get to drive our Ford Explorer to school rather than my tiny Honda Civic. Compared to my adorbs dinky car, this thing is a frigging yacht. All I do is look down at the little cars like "Get out the way, or I'm gonna mush you."

It's power.

I love it.

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