August 23, 2011

Kicks and giggles man, kicks and giggles.

I had to open this in Firefox because my Opera Blogger window was getting all glitchy.

I feel dirty.

Today was awesome. Would you like to know why?

Well, I don't care much if you actually do want to know. I'm going to tell you, and you're going to sit there and read it. (Or you might just navigate to another, better blog or web page. I wouldn't blame you.)

1. I got my AP Physics book today. Not awesome enough for you? My copy is NEW. Take that, everyone from my school who has ever taken AP Physics and had to suffer through those pathetically decrepit textbooks.
2. I got my AP Physics book....ON MY PHONE. Goodness gracious, I love having a smartphone. This almost made up for the fact that my Physics teacher asked me today if I was trying to do "the anime thing" with my bangs. I don't know what that even means, but it can't be anything good.
3. My community service project got approved! And I'm working on a second one through SBL. I'm crazy excited - this is the kind of thing that I find fun. I'm organize-y. Live with it.
4. I had Starbucks and lunch with Bree today on my two hour lunch. I felt truant-y and fantastic without actually being truant-y.... fantastic!
5. I didn't have physical therapy today. SUCH a boon.
6. My cardigan reminded me of crayons. <---- I am so smileful at this.

So yes, a good day. A very, very good day. After yesterday, I didn't have much faith in the coming year, but I find myself slightly more optimistic after today.


I find it sort of sad that whenever I introduce myself to someone, I find the words “I do school” inescapable. The problem is, as sad as it is, it’s the defining characteristic in my life right now. I’m not “Kait, the girl who spells her name oddly” or “Kait, the girl who hates when people don’t use adverbs” or “Kait, the girl who is incredibly invested in politics” or “Kait, the girl who is obsessed with music” or “Kait, the girl who trips over air” or “Kait, the girl who wants to work in the legislature” or “Kait, the girl who is passionate about everything she loves in life” or even “Kait, the girl who really likes cardigans.” While each of those may be true in their own right, I’m “Kait, the girl who does school.”

Maybe that’s why I’m looking forward to college. It will be incredible to be able to go into a completely foreign environment with no one knowing who I am or what I’ve done or how awkward I was in elementary school. (Oh my Lord, was I ever.) I will be able to become whoever I want. Yes, I may inadvertently squander the opportunity, but that’s a risk I’ll have to take.

This is becoming kind of rant-ish. I pulled this out of a letter I wrote to my AP Lit teacher today and decided to throw it in here for kicks and giggles. I can add that to the list of characteristics, can’t I? I am Kait, the girl who blogs.

It may not be much, but it’s a start.

The only thing that has gotten me through the last week.

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