August 19, 2011


How could I have reached 50 posts last night and not even realized it?!


I was planning on celebrating this momentous achievement with some sort of jig and dance (possibly one in praise of the Blogging Gods) or maybe just a giant bowl of ice cream, but no. Like every 11:11 ever, I missed it.

Yes, I am a failure.

So I could blog about something funny (or at least I'd like to think so) that happened in my life, but I think I'd rather crawl into a corner in my room and sob about how I should just completely give up on blogging forever.

Jaykay dawg, I'm not going to do either of those.

For a minute I'm going to be serious. When I started this blog at the beginning of June (geez, has it really only been two and a half months), I didn't know how far I would get. I didn't know if I would get through a few posts and give up on the whole venture, or if it would become a pathetic and self-indulgent rant page for my teen angst and rage at the world and all of the people in it. I didn't know if anyone would read it - if my musings would fall silently on the ears of the Internet or be lost in the void that we call cyberspace - or if somehow someone would find it interesting enough to spend their time on.

To my dedicated followers, thank you. I hope I've at least managed to amuse you these last few months.

Since I did manage to forget the Happy 50 for my blog, I suppose I'm just going to have to make it to 100 to make up for that. Think I can do that by the end of the year? I think yes. It's going to be hard with school, but I CAN DO IT.


I think that I'm going to do a real post in about five minutes as an apology for this.

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