September 23, 2011

Hey guys

I had a full on planned post for tonight, full of (what I like to think are) witty retorts and amusing commentary on today's events. But, instead I spent two hours on the phone talking through some stuff. For the few of you that are disappointed, I'm sorry. Tomorrow, I promise. (Though I have an audition tomorrow that I'm crazy nervous about, so if you wouldn't mind keeping your fingers crossed I would be eternally grateful.)

So, seeing as plans changed, there is just something I would like to say.

I love blogging. I have fun writing and expressing my thoughts and ideas with the idea of throwing them out to the vastness of the interwebs and waiting to see what sticks. I love that it makes me write something every day that I am proud of to the point of posting it in front of God and witnesses for the entire world to see. And to be completely honest, it takes a lot of confidence to do this, confidence that I usually lack.

I try to keep my blog a positive place. If you look through my archives, you will see that I don't use profanity. I don't post anything above a PG rating (for the most part). I try as best I can to avoid controversial issues that can cause people to be offended.

But tonight, I got some hateful commentary on my blog. I don't know who. The comments were deleted. I just want to ask you, my readers, to please help me keep my blog a positive place. I'm not saying you have to like me, but if your dislike of me or my blog reaches the point of the comments I received tonight, I ask that you please refrain from posting them and confront me directly. I am sick to think that someone could hate me or that I could have offended someone this much, so please help me if I am being offensive. I love comments on my blog, and I don't want to disable commentary, but what happened tonight made me consider it.

So please, think before you post, here or anywhere. That's all I wanted to say tonight. Have a good weekend.


  1. ....Think ..... before .... commenting .... or ... posting ...? Brain .... Overload! ...

    This goes against everything Facebook ever taught me!!!

  2. It's disappointing to be reminded of the callousness that can be out in the world. Generally, I choose to ignore it, but sometimes it rather sneaks up on us and makes itself too blatant to turn a blind eye to. It's sad to think that someone's thoughtless comments could tempt you to keep the encouraging voices quiet as well. Keep on doin' what you're doin', Darlin. I love your positivity and your sense of fun.

  3. Oh my Kait. That makes me sad. You are a positive person! I have never seen any negativity or anything to deserve comments that would hurt your heart. Keep it up...and chalk it up to knowing that some people don't have the character you do! Love you....Mama Connolly