September 25, 2011



So pretty


Keeping with the theme, I have chosen to dub the Dinosaur's replacement Velociraptor, Raptor for short. I have chosen this name because velociraptors are the most awesome and hard core members of the dinosaur world. The Toshiba (a Toshiba satellite, for those of you who are curious) was not my first choice. I fell in luff with this beauteous Asus while shopping at Best Buy, but, alas, it was out of stock AND back-ordered. As pretty as the Asus was, I was sure as heck NOT waiting that obscene amount of time to get another laptop. SO, I decided to get a 14 inch Toshiba. Turns out, it had been discontinued. Never discouraged, I set my sights on a different Toshiba (another Satellite, but this one didn't take all your monies so my cheap side went for it). My mother nixed it because of how big it was. It was pretty big. Not gonna lie. SO, ever the optimist, i chose Raptor. AND I LIKE IT. He is pretty and has a 640 gig hard drive and 6 gigs of RAM and a big screen and FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC speakers. I might be in love.

Also, I promised you lovely folks a picture of the new Target couch.

It was all I could do not to beg a Target employee to take a picture of me hugging this new couch. It's not nearly as comfortable as the old couch, but it'll do.

Before I go back to playing with my new toy, I would like to end with this: tonight, my mother met the character I am choosing to describe as Starbucks Wolverine. At a particular Starbucks in my town, there is a barista who is, to say the least, a rather interesting character. He has monstrous sideburns and gives me a sketch vibe, but every time I enter that particular store we always have...interesting discussions. More on that later.


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