September 8, 2011

I think I might actually be too neurotic for my own good.

Dear Phone,

You just suggested “May’ve” as a legitimate word. Anything I have been holding against you lately is forgiven.

Love, Me

Dear Microsoft Word

I have only used it in, like, a dozen essays up to this point.

Love, Kait.

Today, I picked up my senior rally shirt. The rally theme is something to do with music (I think) and because seniors got dibs "we" picked rock as our genre, as opposed to European Electropunk or Whale Sounds. Now, when I got this shirt, the first thing I read was "Sensors Rock." Intuition told me this was wrong. At second glance, I realized that the print actually says "Seniors Rock," which made a bit more sense and was almost semi-witty. I could tell Leadership had attempted to channel AC DC when designing the shirt, but take a look:

That looks like Harry Potter to me.

And it is infinitely more cool that way.

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  1. Devil horns, evile magick, /and/ rock and roll music all in one shirt?

    Someone call Phyllis Schlafly, because there is a moral crisis on our hands that no amount of soap-in-mouth will cure.

  2. Where can you get a rally shirt? And how much do they cost?(:

  3. I want a SENSOR rally shirt...but I'm 44. Darn.

  4. My problem is that, as much as I hate their very souls, KISS proved that the symbol in question takes place of "S" and not "I" so leadership failed on that one.

    Also, it's a personal preference thing I suppose, but I always do my devil horns with the thumb and fingers on the inside. Theirs is weird and backwards looking, almost as if the people made it have never been to a venue where devil horns are utilized fully... but its leadership, so that's probably not true.