September 15, 2011

Letter #7

Dear AP Econ,

Why must you torture me so?

First of all, you won't let me use a ruler. Let me lay this out for you, plain and simple. I am OCD. Now, normally I would have put that in all caps to emphasize just how serious I am, but it's an acronym and already in caps, thereby ruining my chances of emphatic capitalization. I like STRAIGHT LINES. You're talking to the girl who has kept her geometer's template in tact since the eighth grade and sworn by it in every single math class for the past four years. You ask me to graph supply and demand and whatnot on a set of axes WITHOUT A RULER. How on God's green earth can you expect me to create straight lines without a straight edge?

And why aren't there any numbers on the axes? Someone could draw a graph willy-nilly and never be technically incorrect while being egregiously wrong! THE HORROR IS BEYOND BELIEF. Do you just hate me? Is that it? Because I'm really not feeling the love here.

Also, you have me graphing in a cartesian coordinate system....where the x-axis is the dependent variable.



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