September 13, 2011

Why am I still watching the Miss Universe Pageant?

You have all been spared. I was going to kick off tonight's post with a "minor" ranting about the asinine televised event that is the "Miss Universe" pageant. I had several paragraphs typed and ready to go, brimming with feminist rage and a simple desire for some sort of human decency.

Then Blogger managed to delete it all.

I'm not sure if that's Blogger's way of establishing that it does not support my feminist rage or if Blogger just hates me.

My senior portrait.

 So anyways. Scrap that idea. I'm not going to bother retyping it because I'm fairly certain none of you had any desire to read it.  I don't support the pageant. And it is horrible for my self-esteem and body image. We'll leave it that.


Oh yeah, because I like to see all of the pretty dresses. Also, I was really interested in watching as each "contestant" introduced themselves purely because it was fascinating to see how their use of English differed. For the most part, the competition required that the girls introduce themselves in English. "[Name], [Country], Age: [age]." A good portion of the girls spoke in incredibly thick accents, which was to be expected. The non-European/American country represented with the least broken English? India. It's a very interesting sign of national priorities when they make sure to teach their students non-native languages for better international communication. *cough cough US cough cough*  Maybe you (yeah, YOU) wouldn't be interested by that...yeah, you wouldn't. Shoot. I forgot to take my Normal Pills this morning.

My knee really hurts tonight. Maybe I shouldn't have been running earlier. Yeah, probably a bad idea.

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  1. Loads of other countries actually require teaching languages earlier than us, e.g., in Germany, English is required before we would be in middle school.