September 27, 2011

It's Museday

I have officially claimed Museday as a day of the week. It is defined as the hours between noon Monday and noon Tuesday. Museday. I feel infinitely more epic.

You know what's fun? Stealing Julia's phone. What's more fun? Stealing her phone while she's texting someone in Korean. What's even more fun? Randomly hitting different combinations of characters and asking, "Does that make a word? ... What about this one? ... How about now?" for a good twenty minutes.

She actually taught me how to write "hahahaha," "heeheeheheee," and "keekeekee" in Korean Text Language, as well as the emoticons for crying.

I can officially troll in two languages.

Raptor is officially a beast. Earlier I was walking around carrying said awesome laptop, and I kept going up to my mother and shoving Raptor in her face yelling, "RAPTOR SAYS RAWRRRRRRRRRRR!"

She thinks I'm insane. I'm not really going to dispute that at this point.

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