September 3, 2011

Today, I was outsmarted by my phone.

Yes, I am surprised I have lasted this long. Dexter (my Atrix) is a beast. He dominates at life. He wins at winning. He out Chuck Norris-es Chuck Norris.

I have been putting off updating my software for a month now. Why? I'm lazy. This is nothing new, but it was a lot easier for me to just tap the "later" or "cancel" buttons rather than admitting that I might actually have to learn how to use my phone again. I knew I would do the update eventually, but that was always Future Kaitlyn's problem, and I wanted to let her deal with it some other time.

Then, my phone tricked me.

At 5 in the morning I randomly woke up. Having watched another third of The Two Towers previously that day, I started thinking about orcs. Sleep naturally decided to evade me for a good half hour. Recognizing this, I untangled myself from my headphone cords and reached for my phone, just in case I happened to have been texted sometime in the previous seven hours.

Now, my phone wanted the update. Like really wanted the update. To the point of asking me every three hours if I wanted to download the update. The requests became almost pitiful, actually. Normally, I would just put off the update or hit cancel, but apparently my repeated defiance had over time caused Dexter to harbor resentment towards me, and that resentment slowly built up into rage. Pure, unadulterated rage.

Dexter was going to get that update, whether I liked it or not. He was a phone on a mission, and neither man nor God was going to stop him.

So, in my moment of exhuastion-induced weakness, Dexter blinded me with its bright screen right as I moved to tap the "cancel" button. My hand slipped, and Dexter emerged triumphant.

He's a tricky little devil, that Dexter.

All right, so now that I've hopefully amused you with that tale of my failure, a few orders of business.

First, if you will, take a minute to scroll to the top of the page. You will notice that there is a new tab there entitled "The Awesome Tab." If you bother to click on it, the Awesome Tab will explain itself. Feel free to click and read - you might learn something. I'll try to keep the Awesome Tab updated as often as necessary, but I wouldn't recommend checking it daily. While I blog daily, I can't find a worthy charity every day for months at a time. I am only human after all.

That brings me to number two. I am hopefully going to be making some formatting changes to my blog over the next few weeks. So, if I'm a little late on posting (or if my posts consist of tiny, pathetic little attempts at humour), don't hate me. Bear with it, if you will. Things should be back to normal in a little while.

Three, I need someone to watch Disney movies with me. Sadface.

Fourth, Sam Martinez and Honah Rosas, I wrote a long-form post. Be happy.
Five, Brittni is way too in love with elephants. I miss you, Girls State.


  1. I will watch Disney with you! And yes, I love elephants <3

  2. For the record, Honah was the only one who didn't like your short posts